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lilith disease in indy. diseases lebron legals legal legal classic it was degree 1. -this was an amazing day. and who since the 1980's. >> he is hail lowell santa cruz to the key is a local serveserver just a gorgeous day out here. a great day, a great success. tomorrow, 6:00 a.m., they are going to be back on the water. surfers. are expecting great conditions. and the advent
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will wrap up on tuesday. reporting in santa cruz, kron 4. >> you do not have to go all the way to santa cruz. we had amazing weather, the east bay. they had unseasonably warm temperatures. >> people could be seeing at oakland lake and the bright, sunny day were out biking. taking a beautiful day. >> phenomenal weather, it is amazing for the month of november. >> this person is here from washington d.c.. he is almost thinking about relocating. >> this is another perfect day for a hole in one. >> the clairemont golfers found more than perfect. >> for the middle of june not to bad but it is november, november draft. this is gorgeous i hope that
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it is like this for another couple of days. or even couple of weeks. >> to get out the vote. >> so pleasant, people are out, happy and a good mood. >> samples weather on college ave. many bare legs, samples weather, and also many people were having their afternoon coffee with sandals. am i wish i would have worn shorts. [laughter] it is warmer than i and anticipate it. who thought that november. do not think about your warmer weather clothing any time shooting these are expected to continue for the next couple of days. >> it has been nice. maureen kelly, kron 4. >> brien? >> not only a run but it is going to get even warmer for tomorrow. and we could see record highs for the bay area. '70s, '80s. the
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warmest was santa rosa. livermore, 70's, san jose, nearly 80 degrees. these temperatures are well above normal for the month of october, november about 10 degrees above the average. for tomorrow, those are going to be even higher. for the temperatures, tomorrow, loss of '70s, '80s as well. we see that orange, there are-lots of '70s and '80s. - we are going to see 79 degrees, oakland, fremont, the same for san leandro, concord. some of these could be records as we go towards tuesday. and notice, the orange not quite as extensive with temperatures a little bit cooler but still warm. we are going to of colder weather on the way i will let you know. that is coming up. fast >> thousands of grocery store workers are taking to the picket line. negotiations broke down.
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mike pelton has the details. >> 8000 a employees over 123 stores are on strike what they say are unfair contract offers the union claims that a blind to slash benefits and pay even with the help of a federal mediator. federal negotiators broke down and they took to the picket line at 6:00 a.m. >> when it is this type, this effect of, is pretty short. that is what we're hoping for. to hit the stores, hit these hard. you can see the we are united in the background. >> they will keep all of the stores open as they are not- union employees to staff the stores. these contain changes to keep the store in competitive changing business environment. they do not agree with the contract and will stay on
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strike until a deal can be made. in alameda, and mike pelton, kron 4 news. >> we need some help. >> we need some help. >> people have not had power from one of work they are screaming at the mayor is the toward the damage of super storm sandy. the rockaway neighborhood in queens are freezing. many of them have no food, or water. the mayor did not talk to them but spoke to a reporter. >> everybody is working as hard as they can, the federal, state and local government. the financially, 24-7 to deliver food, water, to make sure that the buildings are safe. to get mass transit going again. to get electricity going again. they have done a masterful job there is an enormous amount to still be done and they're going to continue to do it. and i understand that we understand and appreciate
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what they do. they are not going to get as fast and as many things as they want or need but this is a tremendous storm the we are dealing with. >> the mayor said that all they need to work faster to get electricity done. the red cross is delivering blankets. people are urging people to stay in shelters these are google earth of york, new jersey, the merrill lynch, before, after with 145 in new york, new jersey, maryland-- >> and the number of people without power are going down and public transit. people are relying extra time to travel in schools will be back in session. but some pluses to not have heat. phillipe djegal gives us a look at some haute classroom still do not have see. >> some of those glasses to not have heat. >> other hard-hit areas, some of those classrooms to not have heat. they are sifting through the damage
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devastation. >> it is going to be a long term art recovery response effort and we plan on being there every step of the day. >> the san francisco of the bay area thinks that the disaster relief coordinator was thinking that they would get to new jersey on friday. that could be 2-3 weeks on- site. >> we maintain a number of mobile heating units and volunteers that are always on standby in case of a disaster. >> they are providing food, water and other essentials to the survivors and 17 locations in new york city. >> this is the canteen. >> yes >> this is a stocked kitchen. >> pretty much. >> this lady is saying that we are feeding 100,000 people per day with these canteens. food trucks. >> with a six-burner stove and a confection of and that allows us to provide a lot
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of food and a quick amount of time. triple wash sink. food safety is a priority for the salvation army. we are able to keep things sanitary and a separate hand washing station. >> without these trucks the survivors would otherwise start. >> we not sometimes could not get semi's but we can navigate these mobile feeding units into neighborhoods. providing food, water in a quick manner. >> in san francisco, phillipe djegal, kron 4. >> many people were showing up on staten island help deliver supplies. they were taking donations, door to door on staten island for some of the hardest hit. the scheduled starting for the fourth annual race. remember, they cancelled the marathon on friday it is less than two days for the election. and both candidates are visiting multiple map battlegrounds. we will have the details.
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>> decision 2012. just less than 48 hours. the candidates are trying to get voters and the swing states. we have the latest. >> it is down to the wire. with post presidential election president obama and a gop candidate mitt romney are focusing on crucial battleground states. this last weekend before election day. new hampshire, the economic plan. >> the economic plan is helping the wealthiest americans to pay a lot to make more and invest in the skills. and at that time,
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the republican congress and a certain senate candidacy by the name of mitt romney, said that bill clinton's plan would hurt the economy. that sounds familiar,. but it turns out his map was just as bad back and as it was not now. >> he is using every argument that he think of president of, is try to convince the last four years had been a success. so, he has planned for the next four years to take all of the ideas from the first term, the stimulus, the borrowing, the obama, the healthcare and to do it over again and he calls that forward. i call it four warned. >> the vice presidential candidates also hit the campaign trail with joe biden in the state of ohio and paul ryan was in ohio, minnesota, colorado. it is not just about convincing undecided voters at this point but to make sure that
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all of their supporters go to the voting polls. >> i just two more days until the election and they are expecting a very long night. the candidates senior advisers in that president obama and mitt romney are very close. the voting tallies could go well into the early morning hours. the most recent cnn and polls shows the the average just one point ahead. and 48%- 47%. as a reminder, we will have extended live coverage. and that all starts at 8:00 p.m. you can also stay updated and facebook, twitter. >> a beautiful day. with a live the view with this is from santa cruz. on the beach. beautiful temperatures toward all around the bay area and even
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monterey. and taking you live. oakland. here we are at the bay bridge toll plaza. warm temperatures, and even at this hour san francisco is one of the warmest place is. 68. mid- 60s. richmond, 64, pleasanton, low 60s. it is like summer. and actually this is even warmer than what you would expect in the summer. on the coast. is going to stick around monday, tuesday and in fact, even more than what we had, today. we could see patchy fog developing. a round santa rosa, that crown fog could be reducing visibility towards the morning hours. that-ground fog. and a lot of locations tuesday, another warm day and finally by wednesday. we will see some cooling but the high is expected in 80s in oakland, redwood city,
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and even more you see the store there are other areas. that could be a record for that is indicated by the star. notice clear skies. and that north wind is in place keeping that cool air. over the ocean, out over the ocean making for the warmer readings. that pattern is going to stay with us tomorrow, tuesday. finally, by wednesday that onshore wind will be returning. some stormy weather into the gulf of alaska making its way towards the bay area. cooler temperatures. and the chance for rain. that will arrive on tuesday the highs tomorrow look for a low 80s just abou everywhere on the sand santa cla, san jose, and about the highs in the '70s and '80s inland. and right by the day, he roared, union city, san francisco expected to get into a beast 70's, he word.
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and the gorgeous day in hayward. and upper 70's. a slightly cooler but former and sharply cooler wednesday, thursday, with the chance of rain fall on thursday. it even just looks like light rain at this point and as a reminder, the seven day on your kron 47 day around the day, contests 193. >> all this nine weather, the kron 4, the seven day around the bay and with your fuel report it could encourage you to take your car out for a spin.
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keurig has everyone's favorite. i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. >> gasoline prices are beginning to decrease. according to aaa, the average price is $4.15. and san jose, the average cost is $3.25. a national scale, the regular cost is $3.55, san jose = $3.95. it in the
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nation. and this is the sharpest drop. we are paying more. it is likely to drop 10, 205 more. >> coming up what does a voodoo, methamphetamines, heroin, a shot off shotgun and 81 a pound hippo have in common? in the next edition of a 200 lb. have paul. the next edition of people behaving badly of a couple that is 200 lbs.. they have paul a metal sculpture hippopotamus
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(male announcer): now,
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here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly.. >> this is a thomas a humpty dumpty story he was stolen and 2009 in the richmond district. >> i know who you are. >> this is the owner before he was stolen. and caught up by metal the boys. >> he is there. >> cut up by metal keep kee >> first of, a street person was spotted with his bronze sculpture. the owner of the scrap metal yard looked at
8:25 pm
this wanted poster and called the police department of san francisco. lo and behold, it was thomas. >> it has been there since the month of june. >> in a totally different incident this man was on probation and was found in in his apartment with heroin, a shot off shotgun and a bronze head and methamphetamines. yes, thomas is back after three three years. >> he is back in we can put him back together. and as my granddaughter said we can fix anything. and we never thought that they were gone forever. the my friend practices food to. he brought me this and he said i put a spell on him because i practice -- voodoo. i'm going to bring thomas back. and he dead! >> thomas is now home. and he is -- now home. and he
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did! >> we are able to put him together. in san francisco, if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m still ahead, we have details on a deadly helicopter crashed in atlanta what investigators have learned. in the east bay police department will have to start looking for a new police chief. the retirement announcement coming up. >> temperatures tomorrow are going to start of cool in the north bay. 40's, but however by the afternoon, we are going to see plenty of 80s.
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>> we are learning more about a deadly roll over crash and elk grove. this happened late this
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afternoon your hood franklin road along interstate-5. three cars were involved and several people were transported to hospitals and with critical injuries. the c h p that northbound interstate-5 should be shut down for several hours. we will keep you updated. >> walnut creek police chief announcing his retirement. jewell brighton jewel-- joel bridon.. is expected-step down in the next six-eight months. >> and also, the man that was hit by ahmen meles. was walking on the tracks when he was hit at 7:20 5:00 a.m. the accident prompted the shut down for several hours.
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the incident is still under investigation it happened a 7:25-a warm day to day. and we are looking at 79 degrees for half moon bay today. and that was at neon. 80s in pleasanton, santa rosa. and we are about 10-15 degrees above average. and we will see cooler skies. this allied the view @ san mateo, a beautiful day possess 60s. midnight, this a beautiful light of you at san mateo, it is going to get cooler. we could see patchy, dense fog in the north bay. and it could limit visibility just briefly otherwise sunny skies. record high temperatures. for the afternoon. another warm day on tuesday, with war records
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and temperatures could be a two degrees cooler. warm- light rainfall chances returning on thursday. we will go from a summer like conditions to a winter like conditions in just a couple of days. temperatures on the warm side. we will notice rainfall. when we can expect that. >> prosecutors are asking people and hillsborough for a retrial of howard the fact that he obtained prescription drugs that could have led to the death of nicole smith and michael smith. howard stern used
8:32 pm
fake names to obtain prescription drugs. >> painted african dogs were the cause of death of people lie. at that as you. they are endangered. >> this atlanta rescue helicopter crashed. nobody on the ground was injured but the helicopter was searching for a missing 9 year-old boy. the boy has found. and witnesses heard the helicopter and they saw flashing lights. and a piece of the landing gear was still stock when they are right on the scene. and they are turned to figure out why that helicopter crashed. decision 2012. the election just a couple of days away. on to the polls, we are looking at joe johns.
8:33 pm
>> long lines in florida, cincinnati, ohio as early voting will come to a close. those are not the hotly only crowds. >> thousands of grassroots in a cross-country areas there are going to be everywhere to legally be able to pull. and the poll watchers are going to descend on the ohio and across the country in search of any issues that need to be challenged. >> we are looking for long lines, and the thing that could be breaking down, the machine, or the questions are going to be perhaps asking from the pollsters. >> they have been trying for weeks so they are ready to respond to any questions in real time. >> with all these national changes we are prepared for a significant amount of confusion on election day.
8:34 pm
>> controversy on how organizations will do their job it has been a partisan business. paul watching. them what to think of the election protection people?, they have problems. >> christian adams represents a tea party affiliated group with the simple goal. free and fair elections. ford election integrity, follow the law,. . and it has real critics. >> it has consistently challenged the voting rights of legitimate people. we must address anybody who tries to abide by the right to vote and i consider it a criminal. and unpatriotic and i think that it is highly offensive. >> adams does not take this lightly. >> these ar the lives of ball said falsehoods' again law- abiding citizens. >> and what ever the election will find it is ultimately up to super lawyers like ted olson to
8:35 pm
determine weather or not to go to court. also emit from the adviser that led him to the supreme court battle between george w. bush and al gore i20 >> i am clearing my calendar just in case i need to be ready a election officials should avoid litigation they should not change direction in the middle of the game. >> if you follow the rules that are in place on election day, with respect to counting the ballots that prism of be the outcome will be respectful when the electoral accounts are voted. >> they are dispatching more than 780 federal observers, moderators to 23 states. potential problems i could violate. >> new york city officials say that polling places will be moved or combined on tuesday because of super storm sandy. many do not have power. that could be problems with the electronic voting machines they have less than 25 percent of the voter turn out they could
8:36 pm
ask the state election for a second day of voting. and the usual cause has never been used. >> the florida democratic is suing the state for longer lines hours--because the long lines. this unprecedented voter peturn out of the chairman says of the extended hours would give florida into a meaningful chance to vote. several at counties left their polling locations opened late which they are allowed to do. we have extended coverage 8:00 p.m. tuesday, and also facebook & twitter. >> the rebels are taking great pains as they are taking their military with the behind-the-scenes effort to show the international community technological progress. the pre-syrian army is making
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we don't call this our company, we call this our mission. green toys teaches children that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into something new.
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chase allows us to buy capital equipment to be able to manufacture in the states to the scale we need to be a global company. with a little luck green toys could be the next great american brand. find what's next for your business at
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>> world news the syrian government is trying to reorganize their strategy. >> as the opposition leaders in syria gathered to reorganize this is part of a new image they are desperately wanting to show the world. >> this is a remote- controlled car bomb. no suicide bomber required. this could deliver a carload of explosives of up to 1 km away. and misfiles, wit -- missiles with syrian local gos.. using google maps. >> with the syrian local this is made from the national freedom of movement. its range is 6 km it is towards the checkpoint. they do not know
8:40 pm
what to think. the pre- syrian army have had a problem with ramshackle chaotic this is trying to reverse that problem. these images are being released the world. they are asking for outside help. >> for an organized professional to enforce and it is already moving forward in their arms capability, sophistication and they want to present themselves at preserving a greater external support. >> the united states once more battlefield commanders to chorem join they will be lucky to get mad as organized as these guys appear to be. they will get lucky to get-these guys as organized. the many people have joined the movement but they might not be suitable. the fighters have seen as
8:41 pm
fractured in the political leaders are often too much bickering and unity is a distant goal. washington is hoping that this will finally succeed where so many other attempts have felt. >> there has been a lot of talk about the election. - other attempts have failed-- >> the communist party has a very different selection process >> this volunteer army had polish invaders in moscow in 1612. to celebrate the day
8:42 pm
of latimer portend make flowers and a monument that were at those volunteer monument. >> this is a new start up, not the man's political health awareness stunt. >> this orange is showing temperatures in the 80s on our maps. your forecast, coming up perhaps you
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noticed those cars around the bay area with the pink mustache it is not a fashion statement there is a new start up. zimm ride is 'lift' it is quickly gaining popularity. with an alternative to public
8:45 pm
transportation or taxicabs. gabe slate tech report >> this is a unique service application that could not have come at a better time. it is difficult to get a cab and parts of the bay area. >> this is your friend with a car on your phone with a click of a button download the app sign up, and your credit card information just once. it is on file. just launched the application, see if it is in your area. >> just like a taxicab. >> it is more affordable. and also, the experience is really different. it is a lot of fog. you are riding in the front seat. it is a
8:46 pm
lot of-fun. >> it is averaged 20 percent less and it is a way to save money and is more than just saving money is about meeting people and networking. >> she has been a worker for about four months. >> from my very first night i have been having so much fun. great people and networking. it is amazing, and i have made friends with. i have a stack of business cards. and besides of just getting around the money that she makes is just part-time is covering gas and maintenance. she has great cash. they make a% of our pavement. >> it is directly deposited- 80% of the pavement. >> for someone to become a driver, 80 percent of the- payment. >> with a criminal background into park motor vehicles background and ours is more astringent and
8:47 pm
typical with a background of the dmv and criminal jack. >> absolutely gorgeous. criminal check background. would not see any clouds or fog in that will be the case for the next couple of days with sunny and warm. even nighttime temperatures are in the 60s. san francisco, cupertino. clear skies tonight. tomorrow, sunshine and even warmer. highs in the 80s that continues on tuesday. we will see changes as the go towards the middle of the week. temperatures will be dropping and the chance for rain. here is futurecast. '70s and '80s. oakland, san jose and the warmest areas could start off a little bit cooler still warm del. with
8:48 pm
80s in concord in the satellite showing clear skies with these north winds that are in place keeping it over the ocean. we are going to see this pattern on monday, tuesday. we will stay on the warm side. for the middle of the week we could seek changes in this cold air that is bottled up in the area of alaska will make its way to the bay area. a storm or rides with the chance of some light rain and that could stick around with that arriving- storm. tomorrow, low 80s and even another gorgeous day on tap. santa clara, look for mid 80s possible and even 84
8:49 pm
degrees in los gatos. and temperatures in the east bay, 70's, 80's and 80's by the bay. the san francisco forecast is '60s and '70s. 80s for the north bay. some record-breaking temperatures possible on monday and tuesday. these are about 10 degrees warmer than average. notice it gets cooler on wednesday. the chance for light rain fell temperatures only in the 50s but sunday decent go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and on digital 4.2. the milky
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cabrera will get his full bonus with playoff revenue is sharing. they have collected a lion's share because he played in over the minimum amount but because of a rule that states that i suspended player is left off of the roster for more than 10 games. he would get the full share he did not play in one playoff game but he will receive three and a thousand dollars. 42-32-he will receive $300,000-a- >> and also, to seal the game the oakland native/ropke rushin for a franchise record ropkrop
8:51 pm
rookie this secret bargaining could lead to a final decision for the nhl. the commissioner, bill daley and the players association mentioned the discussions that they have already discussions about the went well. even though they already cancelled several games upcoming and the ann arob game outdoor game. >> and also mitt romney and boomer will interview during halftime and caught on
8:52 pm
camera taking on trains.. this is now racking their of wrecking .. nerve wracking most people get away in time.. but not alwys...take a look segment. coming up
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take a look this driver got a rude awakening this was the nascar trouble opening. this skydiver almost collided with the race car. that sandbagged hit the car and you see the driver's side door cost a dent it was taken off the tracks for 30 minutes. repairs were fined. they're able to take part in the race. and the girl with granrit... faughthe girl with t
8:56 pm
>> this was a long shot he secured his win the youngest player ever to participate in this coughing event. golfing- and we are going to enjoy this one a while we can... it is going to be nice. monday, tuesday temperatures in the '70s in the 80s and as the key mentioned. change is coming by wednesday with the rain on thursday. enjoy.
8:57 pm
>> a bit more normal for this time of year. >> that is it, thank you and we will see will at 11:00 p.m.
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